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Sunday, 30 October 2011

New Story.

Well..... How are we all? ......... gdgd..... good to see you got that wonky eye checked out..... just kidding        *awkward* so this is my new story, just the beginning of it but you know, there will be more (if I can be bothered)

There once was a room. And in this room was a chair. And on this chair sat a girl, around the age of 7. Her arms were tied behind her back and a rope coiled round her and the chair. There was no TV, no music, no games, just walls and a 4 foot thick steel door. The girl was looking down. No sound was coming from her, no tears fell. There was no sign of boredom or in fact any emotions. You would of thought she was dead if it was for her torso moving as she breathed.

The door opened. Well it sort of juddered open. The girl looked up. If you had felt any sympathy for this girl it would all disappear when you looked into her eyes. Old eyes. Eyes that have seen too much. Eyes that haunt your nightmares. The rest of her face was distorted as well. Apart from the cute pigtails there was nothing comforting about her. A giant scar ran across her face, cutting through her lips giving her a scary look. As the door “opened” a man stepped in. A tall, bulky, typical American general. Two guards followed behind him, both with typical American guns, pointed straight ahead. They looked nervous; the general on the other hand was completely calm. He knew what he was doing, what he was dealing with. He knew to be careful.


soooooo what ya think?????? golly johny thats rude, **** to u to.

Thats all folks and remember to set back the clocks and eat plenty of chocolate and scare loads of old people out of their money/sweets on Halloween!!

and I leave u with the happy note of....... *drumrole*


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