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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Even more slightly confufling story. :D

Dum dum dum........ New story, I have no idea where I got it from.... and no idea where its going... anyway I hope we are all well..... good good, I told you fred you should go and see a doctor about that..... no it is NOT normal to have purple smoke rings drifting out of your head then tap dacing on your head, like I said go see doctor. Right anyway goood POTATOES!!!

Monday mornings. Everyone hates them. Many famous, inspirational people have hated them to, such as Garfield… and…. Hmmm…. Shakespeare? No?  I’ll come back to you on that one.  But anyway, adults always criticize others getting up skills especially if they(the adults) have had years of experience of which leads to incontinence, I mean incompetence and they forget how hard it is to get up especially when you’re 12 and watched too much TV last night and have to go to school the next day. It’s even harder when it’s the end of the summer holidays and your bed has just had an extra comfy mattress installed which even gives little massages when it thinks you feel tense. It’s a well-known fact that beds are most comfy between the times of 6:30am – 8:00am (or after a tiring walk which you mum made you go on) Your probably thinking “6:30am-8:00am why on earth is it that time?” well I’ll tell you, it’s because that’s the average time people get out of bed and then get back in them, stupid, and 3 year old could of worked that out. Tut tut. 
And Steph was exactly like the description which I have just written so finely down (except she wasn’t Garfield/Shakespeare and doesn’t have a massaging bed) but sadly, her parents weren’t very nice people, by that I mean they were perfectly decent people to everyone else, and to Steph but through Steph’s eyes they were the most awful thing that had ever been and had many times had arguments in which she had commented that they were in league with certain historic figures such as Hitler, Starling and Tony Blair. Steph was also quite the politician who went against whoever and whatever her parents supported and Steph would also do a lot of research on the party/person that her parents were going to vote for and then have a massive argument about why the shouldn’t vote for them and she would always win. But then when they chose someone different the whole progress would start all over again until the poles had closed. This way Steph’s parents would hardly ever get to vote which made Steph’s face light up every time they failed to reach the town hall in time. And if they managed to there on time (by a few minutes or so) Steph would always have some devious plan to which mainly always consisted of her taking their identification or if all else failed, Steph would shout out what the voting slip said or make a comment on their choice such as “OH   DAD, WHY DID YOU VOTE TORY…….. AGAIN!!!! IF I WAS YOU I WOULD GO GREEN! MUCH MORE OF A HEALTHY CHOICE, DID YOU KNOW…..”Etc. etc.  She would keep going on about whichever party she favoured until her parents looked like they were going to explode with embarrassment. Luckily for the parents, Steph had got herself banned from many voting stations so had to stay at home in a strop until her parents, deep in conversation about who they voted for. Steph would then pounce as she recited a list of facts about all the parties and why she thought she should make her own party and then children would run the world and adults would be reduced to only doing the boring stuff and be paid with dollops of melted sugar which was actually quite a fair argument. This went on for quite a while until it got too much for Steph’s parents and she was sent to bed. On the way up the stairs she muttered something about when she runs the world, there will be a law that states that if you even consider to a child that they should go to bed let alone send them to bed you will be punished by being beaten by teddy bears for12 hours straight and if you are still alive by then you will be sent to bed. That to was also a reasonable argument.
iT WouLD bE NicE Of yOu tO ComMEnT bUT YOu doN't hAVe To.


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