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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

God I'm depressed

I should probably have put the title as something like R.I.P Gina or something like that but I'm just to dam feeling awful to write anything like that. My gerbil died to day, her name was Gina and she was the joint best Gerbil ever. I don't know what killed her, my dad just pointed out she wasn't well and within 15mins she had a jumping fit, bitten me then died. I'm hopelessly crying right now, not even trying to be tough. And I feel sorry for her sis who has now got know one to groom her or play fight or do gerbil stuff with. Ans seeing as gina was the sort of leader I don't know how coco will cope. Uh but the worst thing is thatgerbils are supposed to live atleast 4 year years and Gina was only 2. *sniff* I need people to comfort me, I am now at the stage of blaming myself even though I know it wasn't my fault. I will put some photo's of Gina now. You look at then while a curl into a ball of self dispair.

On another note happy b-day Holly. But I'm afraid I now know it as Gina's deathday so don't be offend if I cry everytime you mention ur b-day.

            /             \            
 |    R.I.P   |
                                                                              |   Gina     |
                                                                              |Loved by all |