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Saturday, 25 February 2012


TEOTW (the end of the world (skulduggery pleasant))was absolutely brilliant. Read it as soon as I got home....... I feel  so sorry for Ryan though... *sniff* I suppose i feel even more sorry for Dafydd. That wood chipper has got to be a painful way to go..... *shiver*
I love the deleted scenes although I have to say I prefer the warm, happy relationships with the parents.
And I love the rule "we don't talk about vampires" that fits in nicely with my life. I can quite happily live with that rule.
"Is it Deacon?"
"It is"
"Is he sick?"
"It's a bit worse than that."
"is he dying?"
"He was briefly, now he's dead"


In other news my Mum is seriously proposing that we go to australia in December. I would really like to go, and defiantly snorkel on the great barrier reef. :D
this is one of the things I don't want to meet

quite poisonous

I do want to meet


In other news I'm going to see olly murs and rizzle kicks live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. i live in australia in queensland and you have to come, the great barrier reef is awesome!!!

    1. Yeahhhhhhhhh can't wait to come :D going to see my cousins in Melbourne first though : D
      Happy days