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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Queen of the Bods.

Yet again the title says it all (sort of)
Let me explain:
It had been a hard first 4 periods at school and everyone was looking forward to lunch and couldn't really be bothered about form time but yet we all had to go. Our form tutor wasn't at school so we had the deputy head of house stand in *bluh* I don't like her, well no-one does. She is a German teacher after all. She blabbered on about something for a while then said "I have some good news, which just basically meant "I have some news"
what she said went like this "3 people in class have come in the top 10% of your year for effort and achievement" and we were all like so what. "so she said 2 of the girls names of people in my class and made them all blush and then she said "and Vita has come 1st in the whole year." That made me cringe to the sun and back and go so red I could be mistaken for a tomato. So from now on my nickname is queen of the bods and if  I ever call some one a bod the are officially allowed to call me a hypocrite but they do that at the risk of their head (yep I have that privlalige now as well.)  :D

on other news it's gonna snow and my puppy does not like collars,

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