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Saturday, 24 September 2011

LOL More Amazingly Funny and Witty and All Things good Story!!!!

You loved my over bits of story and you'll love this!!!!!!!! Please comment on wether you think it's good or not.... Thxs so much!!!! Oh also I know some other people who haven't comment or followed my blog have read this cause someone not naming names *coughcatcough* Used the least favourite auntie joke. That's fine and all but I must warn you that all my work is copy righted and you have 1 strike until I do something *evilglare*

“What you’re saying you can’t give her back ‘cause then your defiantly gonna pay”

He raised the gun and pulled the trigger. Oddly, Steve had the song “Russian Roulette” By Rhianna in his head. The bit that stuck out the most was “so just pull the trigger”. Steve was desperately trying to get that thought out of his head. He did NOT want that the happen but sadly, I did.

There was a loud bang and the person released the trigger. At that moment in time Steve was thinking about how this was remarkably like an action film…. Although he didn’t feel like it was. When he heard the shot Steve thought that he saw his life flash before his eyes but he didn’t, it was actually the movie he watched last night. Then Steve thought he felt a sharp pain in his chest…. But well…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DAMMITTT STUPID BLANKS I SWEAR ON MY LIFE THAT I PUT BULLETS IN THE GUN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” The person screamed in anger. There is another semi-classic example of the phrase “I swear on my life” advisable not to say it, I inform you once again and most likely not for the last time!  

Steve looked down at where his had clutched his chest but felt no pain and gasped; the person had only fired blanks. Steve could jump for joy but, boys being boys, decided to try and stay “cool”. So far he wasn’t doing too well in that factor.

“Um… excuse me…” Steve was trying to think of a name to call the person. Seeing as he had a gun he settled on “Sir. I think there’s been a mistake…. Sir.  I’ve never run away with anyone’s wife let alone yours”

The person was not paying any attention to Steve. He was only interested in shouting insults at his gun.

“Excuse me Sir…. Umm… Sir” Steve sighed. Some more multi-tasking was going on inside his head, he was having a debate with himself wherever he should leg it out the alley or stay and see what happens. The majority voted to “leg it” but a tiny, tiny long forgotten part of his brain, the “adventure” part of his brain, voted to stay. The rest of the brain wasn’t happy about this.
Hee hee I love writing!!!!!
Thxs so much for looking at this and thanks for liking it!!!!!!!!!!!

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