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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Some more of my wonderfull story!!!!! :)

Sooo seeing how much you liked the last story your gonna love this (I hope).

Steve rubbed his head while thinking about the person who tripped him over. This was a very odd thing because Steve didn’t “do” multitasking even in the simplest forms (which is why he is always late but that doesn’t really matter). He turned to face the person who had now sat up and seemed to be looking around bewildered but not paying any attention to Steve. Steve was the sort of person who liked attention so was quite annoyed by this fact but more annoyed that man was not apologising. Steve coughed a light “excuse me, look at me, I’m over here” cough which was returned by silence. Oh how Steve hated silence almost as much as he hated Justin Beiber, rap, Brussels sprouts and walking. He mainly hated awkward silences in which he would normally panic and stick out his fist and shout “AWKWARD ROCK” which was often greeted by odd looks and people shuffling quickly away. But silence was bad enough so he stood up and started to walk away. He heard a murmur behind him and stopped, then turned around to face the person. The persons face looked distorted as if he was trying to say something and soon he spoke.

“HEY, don’t I know you?” The person spat as if he it was the first time he’d spoke in months.

“Ummmm……..” Was all Steve could say. He was shocked by the fact that the person had talked let alone said something like that! After all Steve had never been to Liverpool before.

“Hey” the person said a little less raspy this time “I know you”

“I really think you don’t” Steve hurried out of his mouth while planning his escape. The man looked dangerous. (Although Steve didn’t realise it but this was quite remarkable, two bits of multitasking within a minute).

“Wait….. You’re the guy who ran away with my ex-wife” The person said with sudden realisation. His head turned to glare at Steve. Steve, who was completely innocent, began stutter some words treading carefully backwards as the person stood up moved slowly towards Steve who by then had never been so worried in his life (except for the time he had accidentally put too much sugar in his boss’s tea and the boss had, had a hissy fit and started screaming)

“Um… I don’t recall running away with anyone’s wife” Steve nervously chuckled trying to put some light on the situation. It only made it worse.

“Don’t you try and laugh it all away” the person threatened “I’m deadly serious, and I can prove it to you” The man reached to a bag on the grown (which Steve hadn’t noticed before) and pulled out a gun. It wasn’t a very special gun but it was a gun all the same.

“Err…… yes….um….. Deadly serious” Steve was VERY nervous by now “but I do believe there has been some… well…. Misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding… BAH! I know who you are, your Steve Johnson, the guy who ran away with my wife, I mean ex-wife. Well I will never forget your name Steve Johnson”

“Well, actually my names Steve Thompson…”

“Meh…. Same thing”

“But you just said you would never forget the name”

“And I won’t, Steve Thompson, see I remembered”
“But you didn’t remember before”

“So you’re saying you admit to running away with my wife”

“What? No…. I mean….. Huh”

“I knew it” The person said completely ignoring Steve. “Now give me my wife back” He said raising the gun “or you’ll pay”

So amazing huh?????????
I'm just waiting for the right moment to include someone (not naming names *coughrosecough*) who thought it would be clever to use my name in a story she wrote which portrays me as a ugly person who she didn't like...... anyway that doesn't matter 'cause me story's amazing and funny and I am atually quite pretty (look at last post) and  I do not use idealised visions of myself in my story's because I have grown up from that sh*t and have moved onto slightly more mature writing...... sorry just had to let that out... don't pay any attention to it unless you care... which you probably don't but I understand!
Thanks for reading... hope you like it.

1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :D 8-)


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    That was SOO funny i was P***ing myself Laughing NEJ