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Go disney
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

*Big Big Big SIGH*

My friends been sayin mean stuff 'bout me. And she let me see it (it was in an email). word of advice if ur gonna say mean stuff 'bout other people don't let them see it! but i 'supose ur all clever anoth to know that!

On a lighter not i watched a very funny film the other day called Yes Men/man (not sure wich one it was)
anyway it had Jim Carry in it who is amazing!!!!

Has  any of you seen ace ventura before????????? Jim Carry again! Still amazingly funny lol!

"do not... go in there!!!!! WOAAH!!!!"

sorry 'bout that
this is just something that always cheers me up :~)


  1. poor you sigh. Poor u. DIDIDID u see that? Nothing.

  2. post vita post u havnt done anything in ages :) i post everyday even if nothing happens.