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Sunday, 17 July 2011

*flump* I'm apsoloutly knackered!!!!!!!

well..... don't know where to start....
OK the wedding went great yeah my cousin is now married. she looked amazing in her dress and so did I!!!!
It was great to go there but it took !!!!!6!!!!! HOURS to get up to Nottingham!!!!!!!!!! I was immensely tiered after that!!! The next day we got ready for the wedding and I had my hair curled!!!!! wow it looked AM...AZ...ING!!!!!!i don't mean to boast!!!!!
Anyway I didn't fall over walking down the isle and nobody farted which is as good as me not fallin over!!
Anyway big party,
 my feet really hurting,
couldn't be bovered to go to party so watched Camerlot insted,
mum came up and we watched worlds worst plastic sergery,
had nightmares,
woke up and got annoyed at mum talking,
gave mum a lecture about how I don't like people talking to me when I've just woken up,
resisted the erge to punch mum as she continued to talk,
got up and had coco pops for breakfast,
hugged everyone,
got stuck in massive thunder storm(with rain) on motorway,
rain didn't help the fact I had been needing the loo for 2 hours,
drove past services much to my annoyence,
ran in to next services,
went home,
watched tv,
came on computer,
got ready 4 bed,

now heres the best part..
i "ran" 1500m in my room!!! thats why I'm even more knackered.
I can't be bothered to tell u how I counted 1500m or anything else....


  1. hey really need a better name dont like my blog name would call it blog of Rose London
    but would that be like akward?
    by the way its rose

  2. yes it would be akward you always have to make things difficult