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Go disney
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Like the title says OMG!!!!!! I cant belive how many people have visited my blog!!!! OK this may be my secord blog today but i'm bored to death..... still!!!!!!! I had 2 people from america view my site 1 from germany and... 28 from the uk!!!! I am stunned (and tiered) (and hurting 'cause of my back) (but u already know about that) (so i'm guessing you don't care)

Oh well..... thxs all u peeps who have viewed my blog!!!! still absoulty gobsmaked!! LOL
I'm guessing this deer is amused!!!!! (or suprised) (or something) (I'm really not sure!!)

Well hope to get coments from all u misstirious people (saying get well soon ofcourse)


  1. omg you guys are so nice... my backs fine now but guess what... I think I broken my toe... I was dancing around when my toe cliped the floor. owwww again *sigh*