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Go disney
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Sunday, 3 July 2011

*Cough cough*

well I have made a few changes..... the main one being the name....well i mean the gerbil one just wasn't going to last, I mean, whenever I talked to them about it they just went on chewing sunflower seeds.... *sigh* although they did give me one piece of advice which I'm giving 2 u know!
never let your friends know 'bout something that your doing that you are proud of 'cause they may coppy you and make a better blog than you... *sigh* only tell unless your thing is supper-dupper! Also they told me not to use the word super-dupper. now i see why...

Now this is a picture of a very wise lizard who I met in fueterventura........ he also likes crisps.... very smart indeed :)
Hope that whoever the person in germany, who uses firefox, who looked at my blog speaks up now 'cause i'm very curious to know who it was....



  1. awwwwwww your blog is amazing WHERE U GET THAT PIC TIS TEH BESTE R U GORDON BROWN
    sorry that was random. I have a rainbow and unicorn theme to my blog Fruitilisous and i dodnt copy u made it ages ago :)

  2. Hey yeah sorry NOM NOMS butter sctch bars nomnom anyways replying 2 ur thing i made a blog about anime which was he worst blog ever. I made a new one becase- wel it was the worst blog ever. I meant like i want coppying ur idea of maing a blog :) Mabye the german was frau hodgitt ....: *scared smiley face*

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